2024 Chris Bamford Memorial Golf Run


Breakfast Hill Golf Club
339 Breakfast Hill Road
Greenland, NH 03840

Put your bag away! All you need is your favorite club and a putter to go all in for an afternoon of golfing fun to benefit Exeter Hospital's Center for Cancer Care.

This is not a tournament but instead, an incredibly fun 2 hour golf run, where players carry just one club and a putter. No bags allowed! Balls are provided and replaced by the event committee. Golfers tee off simutaneously, then run to their ball and strike as many shots as they can to hole out. The number of strokes doesn’t matter, they just have to "hole out". Pledges or flat donations are procured by the players and others with all proceeds sent to the Michael and Jeanne Falzone Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital. 

The Chris Bamford Memorial Golf Run was created by Paul and Mary Bamford, for their son Chris, who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 2016. He subsequently passed away 10 months later, at age 35. Since then, the Bamfords have raised more than $185,000 for Exeter Hospital's Center for Cancer Care. Their goals are to increase awareness for colon cancer, promote colonoscopies for those over 30 and to aid in the fight against all cancers by supporting the Center for Cancer Care.


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