Ann-Marie's Story

The Beyond the Rainbow Fund was founded in 2002 by Anne-Marie Viviano, a former Exeter Hospital patient and resident of Hampton, NH. After being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 30, Anne-Marie attended support groups at Exeter Hospital while receiving cancer treatment. During this time, she met many individuals who struggled with meeting expenses related to their care. Realizing the importance of relieving individuals of stressors so that they could better focus their energy on healing their bodies and minds, Anne-Marie created The Beyond the Rainbow Fund to help provide financial assistance and additional support to local cancer patients in need.

Since its inception, this fund has become a valuable resource to cancer patients at Exeter Hospital. The Beyond the Rainbow Fund has provided air conditioners for lung cancer patients; assisted with rent and fuel payments; purchased canes, walkers, and wigs; and provided assistance with other practical needs that may become unmanageable for patients and their families during treatment. As a result of ongoing community support, The Beyond the Rainbow Fund now helps provide integrative therapy, such as massage and wellness/fitness programs, that further assists patients in their fight against cancer. Anne-Marie strongly believed in the power of the mind and body over one’s healing.

In May of 2009, Anne-Marie passed away after a 14-year courageous battle with breast cancer. Her remarkable journey, courage, and resilience of spirit continue to give hope to many people. Her vision and commitment to give back to the local cancer community continues through The Beyond the Rainbow Fund. Today, many of Advancement’s community events, as well as donations from caring community members, benefit The Beyond the Rainbow Fund.