How Will Your Gift Make an Impact?



The following collection of video testimonials are from patients, supporters and staff who are invested in supporting Exeter Hospital’s Together We Can capital campaign.

Cathy Garrett, Nurse, Rockingham VNA & Hospice

“Getting a diagnosis of cancer is scary and devastating….the day the doctor told my mom of her cancer diagnosis, I’ll never forget, my mom looked at me and said ‘Cathy, what are we going to do?’ At that moment I realized that cancer didn’t just include the patient, it includes the entire family….I hope that you support us in the ‘Together We Can’ campaign for the Falzone Cancer Center at Exeter Hospital.”
Dr. Trapasso, Pediatrician

“Our talented team of pediatric hospitalists is always here, ready to provide care whenever the need arises.”

Eileen McDonald, Director, Center for Cancer Care


“A cancer diagnosis is terrifying, yet every day I hear from our patients that they truly feel loved – from the valet staff who park their cars, to the registration staff, nurses, surgeons everyone….donation dollars go to support our patients. Please join in in keeping this rich resource here in our community.”

Lisa Keslar, Together We Can Cabinet Member

"...I encourage you all to think carefully about this opportunity and participate in this really important cause to help provide a really fantastic local facility….please support the Exeter Hospital campaign.”

Pearla Phillips, Chairwoman of Exeter Hospital’s United in Wellness Board

“Our goal is to raise $4-Million, with $1.4-Million remaining as we enter the public phase of this campaign….I personally wanted to reach out to thank the more than 370 donors who have helped to get us this far, and would like to invite you to join our mission as well.”

Rosanne Swanson, Patient Relations Coordinator

“I’ve worked for this outstanding organization for 15 years. As the patient relations coordinator, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people that have received compassionate care from our superb staff. My family and I have also received exceptional care. We give back by donating to the Together We Can fund, won’t you donate too?”

Davis & Sukey Farmer, ‘Together We Can’ Cabinet Members

"The cancer center is an investment in our community: It will improve the lives and wellbeing of everybody nearby, all of us -- our friends, our neighbors, our families…”
Dr. Burt Dibble, Retired Physician

"As a family physician I feel it is critically important that people are treated close to home, especially in times of difficult diagnoses....  six years ago I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer...there was no doubt in my mind that I'd be treated at Exeter Hospital."

Dick Kilbourne, 'Together We Can’ Cabinet Member
"By the time my mother was my age, she'd been dead for 10 years because of cancer. That motivates me to do whatever we can. If we'd known then what we know now, she might still well be here."

Robert Benoit, Founding Member, United in Wellness Advisory Leadership Board
"I developed esophegeal cancer in 2013 and because everything was going to be done at Mass General, except my chemo/radiation, I was able to do that at Exeter Hospital and ever since then i've been on the United in Wellness Board as one of the original members."